Audits are performed for various reasons. Audits are required by law, but smaller partnerships and corporations, charities, associations, other non-profit organizations and public administrations perform voluntary audits to receive an in-depth evaluation of various aspects of their business from an independent party. The Auditing division of our group of companies performs both statutory and voluntary audits.

We will also be happy to perform special-purpose audits for our clients, e.g. company valuations or due diligence checks in conjunction with foundations, conversions, mergers, capital stock increase, restructuring, inheritance cases, business sales, or preparation of company successions. This range of services is supplemented by performance audits, broker and property developer audits, and feasibility studies.

Another field of activities is our work on investment projects that are funded by public grants or subsidies. We assist with the application procedure, perform the calling of approved funds, checks on the use of the funds, and the entire grant/subsidy management.

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